Rewarding excellence

Focusing on the future of the modern Commonwealth and its core values, a new series of awards recognises the achievements of individuals, organisations and businesses that are helping to move the Commonwealth forward.

Despite being scattered across five continents, the 54 countries of the Commonwealth are connected through a variety of networks and shared experiences – from the monumental to the most tenuous. There are the obvious connections: historical ties to the British Empire, similar systems of governance and economic and migratory links. But there are also less apparent and equally binding similarities, including the shared values of democracy, development and diversity.

It is these ties that overcome the geographical and cultural distance between Australia and Zambia, Brunei and Jamaica. It is also through these ties that the modern Commonwealth is moving forward. This momentum is encouraged by many individuals and organisations working within and alongside the Commonwealth to advance the association’s shared values, as well as businesses which utilise the ‘Commonwealth factor’ to contribute to the development of member states.

In order to recognise and foster the collaboration, investment and ingenuity that are driving the evolution of the association, the inaugural Nexus Commonwealth Awards will celebrate those individuals, organisations and businesses that are strengthening the future of the Commonwealth.

The awards will single out ‘communicators’, Commonwealth organisations that disseminate the spirit, values and activities of the association, particularly to audiences beyond the Commonwealth ‘family’. Based on the core value of development, the ‘investor’ award will draw attention to companies that utilise intra-Commonwealth trade to drive growth within member countries, particularly those that are less developed. In addition, the awards will recognise ‘enterprises’ that operate beyond the Commonwealth network but which nonetheless build upon its shared values to connect people and communities across borders.

There will also be awards acknowledging the outstanding contribution of an individual from inside the Commonwealth network, as well as a lifetime achievement award for a global figure that has spent their career advancing Commonwealth values. Hosted by Lord Alan Watson – broadcaster, politician and president of the Council of Commonwealth Societies – the awards are sponsored by Nexus Strategic Partnerships, a publishing house and communications agency specialising in Commonwealth affairs.

Kamalesh Sharma, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth will be in attendance, joined by the heads of many official organisations, including the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Commonwealth Foundation, and representatives from the High Commissions of several Commonwealth countries. The ceremony and reception will be held at Merchant Taylor’s Hall in London on 26 April, the anniversary of the establishment of the modern Commonwealth.


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