Spotlight on the Commonwealth

Jessica Murphy

The Nexus Commonwealth Awards acknowledged the contributions of a handful of organisations and individuals devoted to promoting the Commonwealth’s values and aspirations.

To engage with the issues of the moment and explore the diversity of experience from nation to nation, there is no greater window on the world than the eyes, ears and words of its youth. With articles sub­mitted from nearly 30 countries, covering subjects that range from women’s rights to terrorism, pro­vides a platform for ‘Commonwealth Cor­respondents’. These young writers, aged between 16 and 30, have taken up their pens to share their concerns and passion with the rest of the world. The initiative, funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Youth Programme, creates an open network of dialogue that acts as a call to action.

In order to encourage bright and inde­pendent young voices like the Common­wealth Correspondents, guaranteeing a high standard of education is essential. Link Community Development, an inter­national NGO specialising in improving education in rural Africa, is dedicated to removing obstacles to quality education. Link works with national and local govern­ments, schools and communities on a range of capacity-building programmes. In addi­tion, it has placed more than 300 teachers from the UK into rural schools throughout Africa to promote personal and profession­al interaction. These connections create op­portunities to inspire and educate students all around the Commonwealth.

What do and Link Community Development have in common? They were both recognised at the Nexus Commonwealth Awards, held in London in April 2012, for their contribu­tions to the advancement of the association and its core values. The Coca-Cola Com­pany was also acknowledged for its role as a key investor in several member countries. Derek Ingram, founder of the Common­wealth Journalists Association, and Peter Williams, former director of education at the Commonwealth Secretariat, were joint winners of the Outstanding Contribution Award for their many years of commitment to the Commonwealth. A special Jubilee Award went to the Royal Commonwealth Society for its innovative Jubilee Time Capsule, while the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Nelson Mandela for his lifelong dedication to the struggle for development and democracy.

About the author:

Jessica Murphy is Assistant Editor of Global: the international briefing


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