Baby Cambridge has ‘train drivers and miners’ among ancestors

Prince George Alexander Louis will be the first British monarch since William the Conqueror to have a non-royal a parent.

The prince, born to Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in London on 22 July, is third in line to the British throne.

Genealogist Anthony Adolph, author of The King’s Henchmen, told Global: “Prince George is unique since William the Conqueror in being a future British monarch who has half his ancestry from a mother with completely ordinary ancestry – mainly working and lower middle class. The Prince still has all the royal genes of his royal ancestors, but in addition he has a huge, new input of genes from a vast range of social backgrounds. That is new, and can only be healthy for a monarchy which wishes to be representative of the whole nation.”

The Duchess of Cambridge’s ancestors include train drivers, agricultural labourers, and coal miners.

However, Adolph has discovered that the Duchess does have a royal bloodline herself. He traced her family tree to discover “a baronet who died in poverty in Chesterle Street workhouse, but who was himself descended from an illegitimate daughter of Edward IV”.


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