Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy

Conferences, seminars and publications help CASLE members set professional standards, share technological innovations and promote dialogue with governments 

The Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy (CASLE) was formed in 1969 as an association of independent professional societies, and other bodies, in the field of surveying, and land and marine economy. It aims to foster development of the profession in Commonwealth countries, facilitate the sharing of technology and promote dialogue between member institutions and others, including governments. 

CASLE holds conferences and seminars, as well as producing publications and offering consultancy. Subjects tackled include land administration, dispute resolution, risk management, climate change, construction sustainability and the management of professional practices. Ultimately governed by a General Assembly (at which officers are elected), the CASLE president, regional presidents and officers communicate on a regular basis by electronic conferencing, with the Secretary General responsible for implementing their decisions. The organisation has been actively involved in the biennial meetings of the Commonwealth People’s Forum and was invited to take part in a High Level Review of the Commonwealth in July 2001. 

In the past, although much of its activity has been mostly on a voluntary basis, CASLE has always been grateful for some funding from the Commonwealth Foundation. The change in funding arrangements by the Commonwealth Foundation in the autumn of 2012 made CASLE look carefully at what it could offer potential sponsors. In recent years, sponsorship has become more difficult to obtain, so CASLE is looking more towards collaborative events to widen its appeal. It was unsuccessful in a bid for a participatory grant for a project in Africa but was awarded a small grant to undertake an education survey and to seek alternative sources of funding. 

The next CASLE General Assembly and conference, in collaboration with the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS), will take place in Takoradi, Ghana, in March 2015. The theme will be Raising the Standards and a large attendance is anticipated during Surveying Week for the surveyors of Ghana. 

Young surveyors are invited to apply for the annual CASLE Lecture Prize sponsored by the Aubrey Barker Fund, a registered charity associated with CASLE, for a research paper to be presented at a CASLE conference. The value of the prize for 2014 is equivalent to £500 and the closing date for applications is 16 September 2014. 

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CASLE publications

Survey Review is a prestigious international journal founded in 1931, which was owned by CASLE until 2006 when it became a limited company. A close relationship is maintained by CASLE representation on the board of trustees and the administrative duties being undertaken by the CASLE Secretary General. CASLE currently has two publications of its own: A Guide to Dispute Resolution, which is now in its second edition, and An Introduction to Building Maintenance Management.


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