Secretariat plans recruitment drive for young professionals

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Young professionals from around the Commonwealth are to be invited to apply for roles at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London in an initiative aimed at encouraging “fresh perspectives and new talent”.

The programme, dedicated to the development of young professionals, is designed to both cultivate a network of support for young people and, in the words of Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma, bring “fresh perspectives and new talent” into the workforce.

The programme, aimed at young people aged 27 and below from Commonwealth countries, will be recruiting for 27 open positions in disciplines such as economic policy, law and human resources for roles at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. These positions can be held for up to two years and will make up ten per cent of Secretariat staff.

Director of Youth Katherine Ellis said: “Young people are assets to any organisation, and more importantly to national development, bringing unique experiences, perspectives and energy.”

This programme aims to provide “foot-in-the-door” opportunities to young graduates who may not be able to afford to take on unpaid internships. Recruitment will take place over the coming months.


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